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Woodworm Treatment in Oxfordshire

Left untreated, woodworm's can be a major pest causing structural and cosmetic damage so it is recommended that as soon as you find any signs of them you act as quickly as possible to get it sorted.

Woodworm Treatments and Costs

If active woodworm are detected then woodworm treatment will be necessary.

Following an extensive timber survey the type and amount of woodworm treatment will be determined.

The second part of the site survey will be to determine the kind of woodworm that has infested the area. Different types will require a different approach and separate chemicals for effective treatment.

The costs of treatment will vary depending on the amount and scale of treatment needed but generally it is only a segment of a property that is infested not the whole building.

What are woodworm's?

Woodworm's are the larvae of the several common furniture beetles.

They often live in timber products for several years before emerging as adult beetles.

Preservation Specialist Treatment

Signs of a Woodworm problem

How do you know if you need woodworm treatment?

Typically the major sign is small round holes in the timber with a fine sawdust like substance running out of the holes and falling into piles below them. The size of the holes are usually between 1mm to 1.5mm

Before any survey takes place we recommend you take a note of any areas you find sawdust piles or signs of infestation to help us speed the process along.

If you think you might have a woodworm problem in Oxfordshire and would like us to come and survey your property call us on 0186 573 5555, email or send us a message via the Contact Us.

Generally with woodworm's comes damp timber as they need a certain amount of moisture to survive. This may mean you have damp rot issues as well - at Wood Preservation Specialists we also specialise in damp rot and would be happy to look into for you.