Cellar and Basement Tanking

Cellar and Basement Tanking

At Preservation Specialist Treatments we have been helping clients with their disused coal vaults, converted cellars and basements for many years.

We have worked with all different kinds of customers and were confident we can turn your damp, dank and forgotten underground space into a warm, dry, and useful environment fit for whatever purpose you see it having.

By converting it into a clean dry space we will add valuable space and value to any property, many of our clients have used their underground space as storage, laundry room and some have used it as a bathroom/shower room so were sure you will get value out of it after the work has been completed.

So what is Tanking?

anking is the process of waterproofing basements, cellars and other underground spaces. It is always beneficial to keep the part of a structure below ground level moisture/damp proof through a solid and reliable tanking system.

There is usually 5 steps in the tanking process:

Step 1 If the original masonry is deemed to faulty to repair it will be completely removed and will be taken back to expose the original brickwork.

Step 2 Next the mortar joints will be cleaned out and washed to ensure salts contamination is prevented.

Step 3 A waterproof mixture will then be smeared to the brickwork.

Step 4 While the mixture is still drying a tanking solution will be applied, after which another waterproofed coat with be applied.

Step 5 Thats it. The work can be left as it is once it has dried and set, or it can be painted depending on the clients instructions.

We are able to offer several waterproofing systems and discuss the best options for you after a free site survey. Once installed, a tanking system will control dampness and reduce the likelihood of any further deterioration of the fabric of the building caused by ground water.

Benefits of a tanking system

Turns redundant space into a quality living area

Adds greatly to the value of the property.

A more economic option than moving to a larger property.

A less disruptive and more economical option than converting a loft or building an extension.


We have had many years experience in working on the installation of tanking systems in many hundreds of buildings so we are confident we can provide you with the best tanking solution out there.

Get your free site survey

Before we can say how much any work on your property will cost we will have to take a survey of your property to assess the work needed.

The initial survey will be completely free of charge and once we have finished we will offer you a free no obligation quote for the proposed work.

If you're interested in having us give your property a free site survey call us now on 0186 573 5555 or send us a message via the Contact Us.